About NanoWaXXX

NanoWaXXX is the next generation of ski and snowboard base treatment. We combine professional winter sports experience with cutting edge nanotechnology to give our customers a massive step-up in:

  • CONFIDENCENanoWaXXX transforms feel, agility, and flow on the slope: Your equipment feels lighter and more responsive. Unhelpful friction disappears as if by magic. Poor snow conditions no longer spoil your day. Other products do these things, too – but NanoWaXXX performs at another level: Beginner or Pro, you’ll notice the difference immediately.
  • PERFORMANCEBeginners using NanoWaXXX find ski-ing and snowboarding easier – meaning they learn faster, feel more confident, and have more fun. Professionals discover an instant level-up in performance in terms of speed and agility. Rental companies get better performance from standard kit – and better feedback from customers.
  • EQUIPMENT CAREFor serious skiers and snowboarders – and industry – NanoWaXXX RACING and PERMANENT deliver vastly superior protection, preserving performance and lifespan of ski and snowboard equipment and significantly reducing maintenance labour time and cost.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYWe don’t just pay lip-service to environmental responsibility; we are leading the way in providing a solution. Unlike conventional treatments which contain toxic chemicals like fluor which pollute the fragile mountain ecosystem, NanoWaXXX is non-toxic and mountain-friendly.

“Just one quick spray gives amazingly light, predictable feel and response.
NanoWaXXX makes 500€ skis feel like 1000€ skis. Unbelievably good.”

Richard Bland

“Does exactly what it says: No nonsense, no waiting, noticeable difference. Easy choice.”

Arthur Igloi